Auto Glass Arcadia

Aracadia Auto Glass has more than 20 years of experience in helping consumers with their auto glass repair needs. Our company serves the Arcadia, Monrovia, and San Gabriel Valley areas and typically take our expert technicians less than 30 minutes to complete a job. Not only do our certified techs take a safe, and effective approach to fixing all matter of auto glass nicks, chips, and cracks, but we will come to your location to do the job.

By taking advantage of our auto glass repair services, the structural integrity of the automobile’s glass will be restored. Not only will removing the blemishes (or reducing their scope) look better, but the damage will be prevented from spreading which can result in a potentially more costly windshield replacement job.

All of our glass repair jobs are accomplished by trained and certified field technicians who only use industry recommended materials to do their work. Most repairs will consist of injecting resin into the window chip or crack. After this, we cure the material before carefully polishing the window to make the glass look as new as possible.

At Arcadia Auto Glass, we also find that many consumers hesitate to pursue glass repairs to their vehicle until the damage has spread due to fear of cost. We have found that in the state of California, if you carry comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle, then the insurance company will likely waive the deductible allowing you to take advantage of the repairs at no cost to your pocket book! Our techs are experts at providing windshield repair services to our customers in San Gabriel Valley. Many residents of the Arcadia and surrounding areas are unaware of this fact until consulting with our customer service staff! We also stand behind our work, providing you a no-cost warranty and we will help you pass any lease or state vehicle inspection that you might come across.

Auto Glass Replacement

Nothing can be more frustrating to an automobile owner than having to replace glass in the vehicle. At Arcadia Auto Glass we understand this and leverage our more than 20 years in the business to help fill our customer needs. We provide mobile auto glass replacement services throughout the Arcadia, Monrovia and San Gabriel Valley areas of Southern California to make the replacement process as convenient as possible.

Over the past decade, auto glass has become one of the key structural components of automobiles. As a result, replacing significantly damaged auto glass is a key aspect to driver and vehicle occupant safety. Expertise in the field while conducting a replacement job is absolutely critical to ensuring safety. As a result, all of the technicians employed by Arcadia Auto Glass undergo extensive classroom and on-the-job training to obtain the appropriate certifications to work on your vehicle in the state of California.

We make sure that only the highest quality materials for auto glass replacement are used. We will ensure 100% of the damaged glass is removed and insert new glass using the most advanced (and environmentally friendly) adhesives and primers are used in installation. If you need a break from the heat, don’t forget to inquire us about our auto window tinting service. Once the job is done, customers can typically drive the car away in approximately one hour dry time if we have to replace the windshield of the vehicle. Before we start conducting work; however, our technicians will check the damage to make sure that your auto glass actually requires replacement vice a less extensive (and less costly) repair job if the crack or chip is less than six inches in length.

All of the glass used for replacement by our mobile teams is acquired from high-quality manufacturers. We also ensure that the glass either meets or exceeds government standards for use in an automobile and is made to the vehicle’s standards.

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